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Custom private social networks for people, organizations, groups, charities, and businesses. 

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Run Your Own eCrowds Social Network

eCrowds introduces the future of social networking as a service. Build community, spread your ideas,  and raise awareness to your cause or brand.  Start your very own private social network, and invite only the people that matter to you, or your cause. 

Businesses can announce news, provide upcoming promotions, and organize events for their customers. 

Associations and organizations can foster community in a secure, safe environment, to build support for their causes and community activities.

Generate excitement with Video Reviews as a Service

With the eCrowds video review as a service, local reviewers provide feedback on local products and services. The video reviews and testimonials provide information which consumers trust, and which merchants can share in the form of videos with all their customers. eCrowds helps you pull it all together, making it easy for you to focus on your business.

eCrowds Group Buying Service

eCrowds Group Buying helps members get attractive group savings for services and goods from local merchants. Merchants benefit by boosting sales and gaining a boost in business from community members. 

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eCrowds offers attractive group savings for services and goods from local merchants!

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